About Cynthia Husted

Greetings, I offer functional medicine consultations from the theoretical view of Tibetan medicine, with a focus on energy, genetics and biochemical nutrition. I have had an interest in Asian culture since a young girl and Tibetan medicine since 1987 when I first traveled to Tibet.

The majority of my career has focused on basic research of multiple sclerosis with a focus on physics and Tibetan medicine. A near-lethal encounter with a black widow spider redirected me into a broader focus and introduced me to functional medicine, through which I have helped those with autoimmunity, neurological disorders, mood disorders and others, including families. I particularly enjoy working with those going through the process of spiritual emergence after near-death experiences and trauma. I began my work life early on as an ICU nurse and am also drawn to end-of-life care.

As a PhD scientist in physical chemistry with a focus on quantum theory, magnetic resonance and neurobiology, I am intrigued by the number system of Tibetan medical theories. In our beginning work, Dr. Dhondup and I have shown that Tibetan medical theories are consistent at the microscopic and macroscopic scales and continue our pursuits in those areas through our clinical collaborations and non-profit work.